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Fall season is officially here… euh wait, what? Because it kinda looks like Summer didn’t get the memo yet! Well, at least that’s what happening with the weather here in Switzerland ( not that I’m complaining, I  love summer! ). But the only problem with that you may ask? it’s still too warm to start wearing my big and cozy sweaters ;).

Well I came out with an idea to create a top that would be perfect for in between two seasons, not too warm and not too light. I had a look at my stash and found a DK weight yarn (100% cotton) that I bought in my local shop and the color was perfect for fall ( a mixed of brown and blue jean).


You can choose the yarn according to the season you are in now. I used a cotton yarn because it’s not that cold yet.

The fit is quite loose, I didn’t want it to stick to my body and I wanted to be able to wear a long sleeved t-shirt or shirt underneath. It’s long enough to cover my belly-bottom and tuck in my jeans.

Modifications can be made at the foundation chain by increasing or decreasing a few chains to make it larger and by adding more rows (before the neckline) to make it wider.

The sleeves have a little ruffle shape.

The Everyday Crochet Top


  • 5 balls of DK – Light Worsted Yarn of your choice ( I used 100% cotton yarn, 1 ball: 50 gr / 105 m – 1,76 oz / 1,15 yds / crochet hook recommended : 4 – 4,5 mm)
  • Crochet hook n°4,5 mm.
  • Measuring tape, scissors and a tapestry needle.


This model will fit a S – M size or 36 – 38 EU.

The final piece mesures approx: Width: 40 cm / 15,75 inches – Length : 42cm / 16,53 inches.

Gauge is not important for this pattern.


Ch – Chain | Sc – Single crochet | Dc – Double crochet | St – Stitch | Ss – Slip stitch


is worked with two rectangular pieces crocheted from the bottom-up. Once we assemble the front and back we’ll saw the sides letting around 18 cm (a bit less than the half) enough space to make the sleeves.

( The first 3 ch of each row and round counts as the 1 dc )

Front + Back  (two pieces)

Foundation chain of 54 dc + 2

Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from the hook, continue 1 dc for each chain across row. (54 dc). Turn.

Row 2 – 18 : Ch 3, 1 dc for each st (54 dc). Turn.

Front Neck 

Row 19A: Ch 3, 1dc in the next 13 st, (14dc). Turn.

Row 20A: Ch3, 1dc in the next 13 st, (14dc). Cut and hide the yarn under.

Row 19B: ( Take the yarn and ss in the 14th st from the end of the row) Ch 3, 1dc in the next 13 st, (14dc).

Row 20B: Ch3, 1dc in the next 13 st, (14dc). Cut and hide the yarn under.

Back Neck

Row 19:  Ch 3, 1 dc for each st (54 dc). Turn.

Row 20A: Ch3, 1dc in the next 13 st, (14dc). Cut and hide the yarn.

Row 20B: Ch3, 1dc in the next 13 st, (14dc). Cut and hide the yarn.

*Put both right sides facing together and sew the sides leaving a small opening at the bottom (the first 4 rows) and a enough space for the arm-holes from the shoulder down ( the last 12 rows ).*

**For the edging, I made 2 rounds of  only single crochet (1sc for each st) to form the neck line. For the hem, I made 3 rounds of 1 single crochet and making only 2 decreasing in the two openings we left earlier.**


In the space we left, we’ll continue in rounds of dc and making one increasing only in the 3rd round to create a small ruffle shape.

Take your yarn and ss in the side edge.

Round 1: Ch 3, make 1dc across the round ( I managed to make 2 dc for each side dc ), 50dc in the first round

Round 2: Ch 3, 1dc in each st across the round, 50dc

Round 3: Ch3, *2 dc in the next st, 1 dc in the next st*, repeat between*, 75dc

Round 4-6:  Ch 3, 1dc in each st across the round, 75dc

Round 7: Ch1, *1sc + 1ch + 1sc in the next st, skip the next st*,  repeat in between*, ss in the 1st ch.

Hide all the ends with your tapestry needle in the back and you’re done! You can enjoy you new Crochet Top

I hope you enjoy making this project and if you want to share your version of The Everyday Top don’t forget to post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #fiorelila.

You can follow me on Instagram.

Happy crochet !

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